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Organ concert in Århus and Vinterjazz in CPH

Hello! Here are my gigs for the upcoming Vinterjazz festival in Copenhagen and Århus. I'm very happy to play an organ concert again the 14th of February, a year and 3 days after the release of "Orgelimprovisationer". A celebration, I guess... Come out! 4. feb.: Duo with Kristian Tangvik in Mayhem kbh facebook event 14.feb.: Organ...
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CPH Jazzfestival, Fanø and review

Hello, It's festival season! In Copenhagen my concerts include a debut with a new trio Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, and we will play 4 concerts this summer in a church, a garden, a castle and a garage. Music is partly improvised and I will play both acoustic piano and synths. See the calendar or look below for details. I will...
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I will play a few concerts during the Vinterjazz Festival in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Looking forward to trying out new sounds with: Skjold/Kjaer/Vestergaard the 13th of february at metronomen in Frederiksberg. Kjær/Jochumsen the 18th of february at Atlas in Aarhus. Opening for "The Outliers"
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