CPH Jazzfestival, Fanø and review


It’s festival season! In Copenhagen my concerts include a debut with a new trio Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, and we will play 4 concerts this summer in a church, a garden, a castle and a garage. Music is partly improvised and I will play both acoustic piano and synths. See the calendar or look below for details.

I will also be playing the organ this summer in the “Fanø Free Folk Festival”! On a small island called Fanø in western Jutland. It is a very small and cosy festival, I heard, and I’m looking forward to trying the organ in Sønderho church. See the event here

Finally I got a fresh review in Jazz Special of Orgelimprovisationer. It was written by a church organist, and he wasn’t happy with the album to tell the truth. He thinks it sounds like a fishing boat (which doesn’t sound that negative to me, though…), and he doesn’t like my way of playing the organ. I expected to get this kind of review from a person educated as an organist, and it raises the question about craftsmanship when you are working with sound. My focus was to make a record that explores the organ from a sound perspective, and seeing if the organ could sound different. Anyways, read the review in Jazz Special this month!

Happy summer!

The concerts for July:

5. kl.20 Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, Frihavnskirken, Kbh http://jazz.dk/copenhagen-jazz-festival-2016/koncerter/17228/

5. kl.23 Klimaforandringer, Trashzz Festival, kbh

9. Jeppe Højgaard, Harbo Bar, Kbh

15. (kl.11) Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, Lydhørs garage, Århus

15. (aften) Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, Smag, Ebeltoft

16. Kjær:Claesson:Laumann, Sostrup Slot, Grenå22. Organ solo, Fanø Free Folk Festival, Sønder Ho kirke

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