November update

Hello everybody!
It’s been a while since my last update, but I’m alive and working with a lot of interesting projects.

Solo concert “the birthday concert”
First of all I will play a short concert this thursday at klub klash in copenhagen. It is my so-called “birthday concert”. Simply I look at the date of the concert and see who’s birthday it is that day. Then I put together a concert for them. Last time it was Albert Camus, Marie Curie and Joni Mitchell. This time it will be Sweedish writer Selma Lagerlöf and sweetish singer Ulf Lundell.
Very much looking forward to this challenge.

Church organ recording:
I have recorded a huge amount of music on a very beatiful Danish church organ, which is going to be a record of solo improvisations. It will be released next year. There’s a little teaser on my soundcloud:

Frisk Frugt:
I have been playing concerts with Danish “Frisk Frugt” lately. It has been very enjoyable!

Stardust sessions:
This summer I recorded with fellow musicians Christians Vuust, Christian Windfeld and Jens Mikkel Madsen a live album in Aarhus at a café and record shop called Stardust. It will be released as an album which purpose will be to support the café.
The music is standards and it all sounds terrific.
Release will be 28th of feb 2015!

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