April update: “Syntetisk udflugt” video, organ concerts etc.

The release of “Orgelimprovisationer” came with two fantastic reviews from passiveaggressive.dk and jazznyt.blogspot.dk (read them in the news tab). I’m still waiting for at least one review hopefully arriving in june. The vinyl is for sale in Jazz Cup and Insula Music in Copenhagen.

Here are some upcoming concerts I’m looking forward to play:

23 april: Jeppe Højgaards release in jazzhouse with Jeppe and Lars Bech Pilgaard, Olsson/Teller and The Magnetic Eagle. A BIG night!

May 10th I’ll be in Trinitatis church in downtown Copenhagen playing solo organ.

July 5th: Trio with Nicolai Claesson and Oliver Laumann in Frihavnskirken during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016. There will also be some church organ in that concert. Read more here

Finally I played a concert with my synth set-up “Syntetisk udflugt” last saturday in a private festival. There’s now a video with the first part of the set on youtube. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/Vn5FGydPe9U



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