Rasmus Kjær Larsen (b.1982) is a pianist, composer and performer based in Copenhagen. He has collaborated with some of the most intriguing acts on the underground scene in Denmark and released several critically acclaimed albums raging from accoustic improvisational to experiemental and electronic music.

“A full-grown jazz modernist” Jazz Special

With the acclaimed collective Under Byen (2007-2009) Rasmus toured across Europe and North America concurrently starting to write music for his own projects. In 2012 he released his debut as a bandleader: The trio jazz album ‘Broken Bow’ with drummer Kresten Osgood and bassist Jonas Westergaard. In 2016 he released his acclaimed solo church organ album ‘Orgelimprovisationer’ and in 2019 his synth album ‘Turist’ which won the price as best new LP release at the Annual Vinyl Anachronist Awards 2020 in the US based online magazine Perfect Sound Forever.

“music that moves through different atmospheres and energies” Politiken

Alongside his own releases Rasmus has collaborated with names like Klimaforandringer, SVIN, Henriette Sennenvaldt, BISSE and Frisk Frugt and he played at festivals across Europe such as Roskilde Festival and Eurosonic Festival. He also curated several concerts and events in Copenhagen including a Jerome Cooper memorial concert (2017).

New release EROBOTICA out now!

Rasmus Kjær has released the album EROBOTICA under the moniker Turist. Go check it out on bandcamp.

Turist Awarded:

  Best New LP Release at the Annual Vinyl Anachronist Awards 2020 (US)

”it’s instantly my favorite release of 2020 and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.” Parttimeaudiophile.com (US)
Turist album, Rasmus Kjaerbuy vinyl at bandcamp


8/7 Turist + Henriette Sennenvaldt, Jeppe Skovbakke & Bjørn Heebøll, Klein, CPH Jazz Festival

9/7 Turist + Henriette Sennenvaldt, Jeppe Skovbakke & Bjørn Heebøll, Lindevangsparken, CPH Jazz Festival

24/8 Turist feat. Henriette Sennenvaldt, En Sommerdag på Bellahøj, CPH

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Email: kontakt[at]rasmuskjaer[dot]com